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​Fashion show at Caldwell Arte Exposicion

Moda Belletto brings Talented Singers and Songwriters  to come  Dallas to perform at places like The Hard Rock Café.

​​Moda Belletto

Model & Talent Expo Held In June and ​November each year in Dallas.

​​Modeling Agents - Acting Agents

Call Backs for Our Talent


​        Osbrink Talent Agency

Carol Ann Stevens International Scout

Campbell Agency- Dallas, Texas

Kim Dawson - Dallas, Texas

The Linicomn Agency -Dallas, Texas

The Agency Dallas

The Lyons Group

Serengeti Records

Suzelle- New York

Donna McKenna Casting

Landrum Arts

Slamm Model Management

Maverick Artists

Clear Talent

New York Model Management

Public Model Group

more to come....

​​​​​​Fast Pace And finding Solutions In The Business!

Starting your career as a model or actor it is important to get exposure to the best agents and scouts. Moda Bellett​can give you the exposure to whom it matters in the industry. You need a reputable agent / manager and booking paying jobs are essential.

Whether you are new to the industry or experienced talent who needs assistance with career management, contract help, building your portfolio , head shots or other services Moda Belletto can help! We are committed professionals who understand the business.

​    Orientation of first workshop day meeting the challenges and where you begin.

First start with thinking of yourself as promoting your own business.  And treat your career as a "Business."  Consider all areas of the entertainment business and look at your options.

         Our Workshop Schedule:

Sundays 1:00 to 4:00  - Introduction Into Modeling and Acting

​Mondays 10:00 am to 1:00pm / 2:00 pm 6:00pm Adult Modeling - Acting

​**(Monday evening 6:30pm to 9:00pm Adult  Modeling - Acting

This session must have 5 booked students.​)

 "Commercial Print or High Fashion" workshop study general outline.

​ (A.) Runway Basics: Models walk, Pivots, Basic Stances, Posture, Hand Movement

and ​style.

 (B.) Terms & Definitions

​ (C.)  My Style vs other styles, working with stylists

​ (D.)  Photo study sessions, learning posing, how to work with your body frame.

​ (E.)  Expectations in the Business, how to book your jobs as an independent model.

​Auditions: locations, where to look.  Opportunities working at ( World Trade Center

in Dallas.) 

​ (F.)  Booking your photo session, learning about photographers in your area, and what are the costs are involved .

 (G.) Building your Comp. Card

​ (H.) Selected Invitations to Agents promoting you, auditions, call backs.

​ (I.)  Invitation to The Model And Talent Expo.

     Moda Belletto Models In The

​     Third Annual Grace The Runway! 





      Acting - Commercials Workshops"

 (A.)Various ​seminars on Acting 101- terms and definitions of the acting industry.

 (B.) Acting in Dallas, New York, LA - guest speakers seminars

​ (C.) Scene study: Learning to act natural on set, being believable

and building characterdevelopment skills. Learn to project own emotions and work into emotional scenes. Breaking down your scenes. Monologues, cold reading.

(D.)  Adjusting to cold reading skills for Film, T.V. Commercials, and Industrial film.

Learning to listen and learning breath control and using relaxing skills to help you for

the business.

(E.) How to setup your taping - video reel.

​ (F.) Developing  Your Resume.

​ (G.) Building your Photographer network: What are your costs involved - Headshots

​ (H.) Booking : Movies, Film, Industrial's, Commercials - Dallas to Austin

​  (I.)  Selected Invitations to Agents about you: Auditions- Call backs

 (J.)  Invitation to The Model And Talent Expo.  

​        Singers: Consultation - Coaching &  Development Workshop

                  Voice & Diction, Stage Presentation, Studio Bookings,

​                 ( By appointment).